• Strength
  • Power
  • Flexibility
  • Circulation
  • Bone density
  • Balance
  • Weight loss
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Hormonal balance
  • Recovery

How it works

Unlike traditional strength training that loads the body with mass, Power Plate is a low impact, ultra efficient workout. The stimulation creates instability in the muscles, and with each vibration, the body is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions, multiple times per second. This means that the muscles react to the vibration by contracting and relaxing automatically. Training on the Power Plate is a blend of cardio and strength training which has been proven to be a highly effective and time efficient method of exercise.



What type of training is involved in a Power Plate session?

The Power Plate is one of the most versatile fitness apparatus on the market. Many traditional exercises can be done on the plate with greater efficiency and results, including push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats, dead-lifts, plank and triceps dips.

A Power Plate machine features a platform that generates rhythmic vibrations at rates of 25-50 times per second, triggering rapid muscle responses which activate as much as 95% of muscle fibers.  This provides a full body workout in less than 30 minutes utilizing all 5 elements of fitness—stretch, balance, core conditioning, strength training and massage.

How often can I take Power Plate classes?

We recommend a program of 2–3 times Power Plate classes a week, with proper rest and recovery time between workouts. You can use the machine for stretch and massage every day.

How does Power Plate fit in with other fitness activities?

Power Plate can be used as complementary and supplementary training to your normal workout routine. It is low impact, highly efficient and puts minimal stress on the joints. The vibrations use 95% of muscle fibers while traditional resistance training tends to work 40% of the targeted muscles.

Is Power Plate suitable for people with injuries?

Power Plate is a great method for people with injuries or impaired physical fitness. Since vibration training does not put the body through the physical stress of traditional exercise, users with injuries or other conditions can use this to improve overall fitness with low impact and stress on the joints.

What is a Power Plate class like?

All sessions are semi-private and lead by a highly skilled personal trainer, with no more than 4 clients in each class. Each session is 25-30 minutes long and designed to accommodate clients of all ages and fitness levels. 

What do I wear to class?

A Power Plate class is like a circuit training or cardio class, so comfortable workout clothing is recommended. You don’t need shoes or socks; you will feel the most out of the vibrations with bare feet.